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how to find abandoned nether portals?

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i need loot badly so i went to find broken nether portals but can't find them. Seeds with portals will be helpful

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A Seed won't help you really. Portals tend to be few and far between and tend to closer to one another inside the Nether istelf.


Personally, when looking for specific structures I use Chunkbase. You just input your seed into the search bar, select your Minecraft version (only works for Java and Bedrock, not for Console Editions. Bedrock and Console Editions are different and both exist for the Switch. If your world is infinite then you have Bedrock), and search away. There are several "apps" on here (not sure why they call them that) that can help you find specific things like Biomes, Villages, Temples, Nether Portals, etc.


This is only up to date for current Minecraft and is not accurate for the snapshots and experimental gameplay currently available for Caves and Cliffs. It only works for what is officially released right now. That said, even if you are using experimental gameplay or snapshots, it is still accurate for the Nether in terms of locations for structures like Fortresses, Bastions, and Portals.

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