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Could Ethan be a ex Umbrella's worker?

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Could Ethan be a ex Umbrella's worker in resident evil 7??

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The fact RE 5 takes place in 2009 doesnt mean anything about Ethan not be the same Ethan of the file.

Ethan could be working on Umbrella before umbrella's end..time goes on..and only in 2017 he became a important part of the history and became the playable character. the umbrella's end in 2005 doesnt turn impossible being the same ethan. i didnt get you point about that.


i agree ethan had no idea about Mia's work, but i dont think the ''you were right, i lied to you" was about the simple fact that she wasnt ''babysiting'' a little girl. Ethan maybe didnt know anything about Eveline or this (sic) fung, but he sure knew about Umbrella.

Like the other guy before you said: his first reaction was totally like someone that knew exactly who (not person, but company) was coming since Chris needed to introduce himself.

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