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Moderate, Collaborate for all your desperate needs Easy-to-use Discord Bot

Moderation Bot

Music Bot

BlueBerry Official Bots

BlueBerry Discord Bot [ Ver.1] Developed By ArcadeGTech

Description: A bot for Discord server to help the staff of the server.

Commands: Use !help for all command list. Few examples: !annc make announcement, !del delete messages !poll create poll.

Ririchiyo Music Bot [Developed by Paras Deshpande]

Ririchiyo is a feature-rich and easy to use discord music bot with bass-boost and equalizer.

Supports YouTube queries, YouTube and Spotify links.

GitHub Repositories


Different types of Free bots for Discord, Written in Discord.JS 12.

CSGO Configs & FiveM CFX servers

Paras Deshpande

Backend web developer.
Languages and Frameworks- Javascript, Typescript, ReactJS, NodeJS, HTML, CSS
Developer of Ririchiyo Discord Bot 


General Repository for Plugins of all games.


Develops Fun bots for Discord & Minecraft Servers.

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