Amazon 9W Official Oem Usb Charger And Power Adapter For Fire Tablets Kindle Ereaders And Echo Dot

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  • Specially designed for upgraded XREAL Beam model
  • Made of durable, flexible, shockproof silicone
  • Environmentally safe materials
  • Contoured shape fits perfectly and protects device
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Provides non-slip, ergonomic grip
  • Gives full 360 degree protection
  • Guards against drops, bumps, scratches
  • Preserves long term integrity of device
  • Essential companion accessory for XREAL Beam

About This Product:

This silicone protective case is specially made to fit the upgraded model of the XREAL Beam device. It is not included with the actual XREAL Beam purchase.

The case is constructed using high quality and environmentally friendly silicone that is durable, flexible and shockproof. The material protects against drops, bumps, scratches and deformation while avoiding any unwanted smells.

The perfectly contoured design allows for easy installation and removal while fitting snugly onto the XREAL Beam unit. This gives full 360 degree protection for the device.

Ergonomic considerations went into the case design to provide a comfortable, non-slip grip that feels natural in your hand. This leads to reduced fatigue and improved handling when using the XREAL Beam for extended periods.

By safeguarding your XREAL Beam against accidental drops and general wear-and-tear, the case helps preserve the integrity and functioning of your device for long term use. It serves as an essential protector and companion accessory for getting the most out of your XREAL Beam.

4 reviews for Amazon 9W Official Oem Usb Charger And Power Adapter For Fire Tablets Kindle Ereaders And Echo Dot

  1. QuantumGamerGirl

    Good value Amazon branded charger. Reliable and consistent charging speed.

  2. SolarSamuraiX

    It charged kindle 11th generation within 1 hrs of time via kindle usb cable. Helpful

  3. QuantumPhoenix

    Fast charger, works great with my Fire HD tablet. Very compact

  4. StardustExplorer

    Good adaptor. Works properly.

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