Avantree C81 USB-C Bluetooth Audio Adapter For PS5

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  • Hassle-free plug and play USB setup
  • Adds wireless Bluetooth to non-Bluetooth devices
  • Broad compatibility – works with PS5, Switch, PCs etc.
  • Transmits chat and background audio simultaneously
  • Stereo sound quality, no compromises
  • aptX Low Latency for synced audio
  • Eliminates frustrating lip-sync lag
  • Bluetooth 5.0, 100 foot range
  • Stable connectivity, no dropouts
  • Walk freely without disconnections

About This Product:

The C81 provides a quick and simple way to add high-quality wireless Bluetooth streaming to devices with USB-C ports. It can automatically pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers without requiring any driver installation or software set up. Just plug it into the USB-C port and put your audio device in pairing mode for instant connectivity. For devices lacking USB-C, a converter cable is included to connect to USB-A ports instead.

Wide compatibility allows the C81 to enable Bluetooth streaming from devices that normally would not support it, like the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PCs and laptops. So you can now enjoy cable-free audio from more of your equipment. It works well for transmitting voice chat and background music simultaneously during gaming sessions.

Utilizing the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the C81 can maintain rock solid connections up to 100 foot ranges without audio cutting out or stuttering even if you walk away from the source device. Its long range connectivity ensures disturbance-free audio streaming.

It is also aptX Low Latency certified which significantly minimizes audio delay down to less than 40ms. This near real-time synchronization between audio and video eliminates frustrating lip-sync lag, providing much better clarity when gaming or watching video. No more bothersome delays.

5 reviews for Avantree C81 USB-C Bluetooth Audio Adapter For PS5

  1. CyberSorceressX

    Easy to use and it works perfectly for PS4

  2. NovaWarrior47

    Great sound and no lag in games on the PS5

  3. QuantumGamerGirl

    The device works great on the PS5. Plug and play. Did not notice any lag

  4. SolarSamuraiX

    Good quality product and works well.

  5. BlazeRunner76

    device are simply amazing. I would absolutely recommend this device.

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