Onexplayer 2 Pro 7840U 32GB Ram + 2TB Snow White

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Key Specifications:
  • Witness new era of excellent handheld gaming
  • Equipped with detachable controllers
  • Transform gaming experience across modes
  • Handheld, TV, tablet and laptop configurations
  • Empowers diverse gaming needs
  • Unleash gaming potential your way
  • Meet gaming needs across locations
  • Powerful specs combined with flexible modes
  • Smooth high-fidelity graphics
  • Rapid response times
  • Elevated immersion
  • Tune system settings to your needs




The OneXPlayer 2 Pro ushers in a new generation of versatile and powerful handheld gaming. It is equipped with detachable controllers that enable multiple gaming configurations. Users can easily swap between handheld mode for on-the-go gaming, connect to a TV for big-screen gameplay, prop up the device as a tablet for touchscreen controls, or use as a laptop with the controllers detached.

This adaptability allows gamers to customize their setup based on the game, location, and preferred play-style. Whether curled up with an RPG in bed, battling friends on the sofa, or playing AAA games during a long commute, the possibilities are vast.

At the heart of the OneXPlayer 2 Pro lies impressive processing power thanks to its latest Intel Core i7-1260P CPU and Intel Iris Xe graphics. Combined with the bright 7-inch touch display, this hardware provides smooth high-fidelity graphics, rapid response times, and an elevated level of game immersion.

Gamers can also configure and tune the device to their needs with access to Windows system settings and software. All physical controls are ergonomically designed for gaming endurance and precision. By merging advanced portability with sheer performance in one device, the OneXPlayer 2 Pro aims to remove limitations and let gaming enthusiasm shine.

1 review for Onexplayer 2 Pro 7840U 32GB Ram + 2TB Snow White

  1. DarkSpectreX

    great portable gaming device

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