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Vanilla With No Mods
Server Name: IND-BlueBerry Rust- Vanilla [2Weeks/Monthly-BP/ActiveStaff] Server IP: Vanilla is wiped every 15 Days (BiWeekly) & BluePrint Wipes is Monthly.

5x Vanilla with Mods & Ranks

Server Name: IND-BlueBerry Rust 5x-Vanilla[Weekly/Monthly-BP/ActiveStaff] Server IP: 5X Vanilla is wiped Weekly & BluePrint Wipes is Monthly.

Next Wipe 20 Dec. 2021 (Map With Blueprint Wipe).


  • Max Teammates allowed – 3 (Trio)
  • No abusing & advertising allowed in Chat or Verbal
  • No Toxicity Allowed. Abusing will first result in mute, then in Ban
  • Taking Advantage of Bug, Glitches & Loopholes is not allowed, report them ASAP.
  • Admin is not responsible for your any loss in fights or any other way. This is a Survival game and everything is fair.
  • If someone caused damage or looted to you by hacks or unfair means, report with proof and claim your stuff.
  • If you are scammed while trading something with others, you yourself are responsible.
  • If caught breaking rules continously or hacking = Permanent Ban


  • 5x Resoures
  • 2x Loot Fast Night
  • Quick craft & smelt
  • Backpacks
  • Fast recycler
  • Homes:
  •  /home add NAME – Saves your current position as the location NAME
  • /home list – Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved.
  • /home remove NAME – Removes the location NAME from your saved homes.
  • /home NAME – Teleports you to the home location.

  • TP:
  • /tpr “player_name” – Sends a teleport request to the player.
  • /tpa – Accepts an incoming teleport request.

  • Kits
  • /kit

  • Ranks /remove – to remove building blocks
  • /mymini – to spawn mini helicopter
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